Energy Conservation: Why It’s So Important

energyAs someone that has to pay bills each month, you already know the importance of energy conservation. There is no way for you to have not noticed that your bills have been increasing. It has happened and is one thing that you just should consider doing. But, energy conservation is not always something that is on our minds. If you find yourself only thinking about it when the bills for the month arrive, then you may be missing the boat.

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Why You Need To Know

Energy conservation is helpful in a number of ways to each of us. The most profound way that affects us directly is the cost. If you just turn off a few lights, you may not notice it. But, if you do several things to keep yourself in line with your energy goals, you may find yourself able… Continue reading

Using Natural Rock

Rock Placing Company
A natural landscape garden that you create is something that you and your family will surely enjoy. The design you choose can be as unique, tranquil, or modern as you wish and the material and plant life can be of a large variety. Even though hiring a professional landscape designer is the easiest way to get the design done, it is also the most expensive way. Designing your own personal landscape garden on your own or with the help of family or even friends can be fun and very rewarding experience.

Aside from the normal plant life and grass that is used in landscaping, the use of other features like rock can add a special personal touch or uniqueness to your design. These landscape materials can give your garden a nice design contrast, and there is quite a large variety to choose from. Stone material can be anything from boulders,… Continue reading

Learn to Live As the Inca Indians Lived

Machu Picchu
The Inca Empire, or Inka Empire (Quechua: Tawantinsuyu), was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. The administrative, political and military center of the empire was located in Cusco in modern-day Peru. The Inca civilization arose from the highlands of Peru sometime in the early 13th century.

From 1438 to 1533, the Incas used a variety of methods, from conquest to peaceful assimilation, to incorporate a large portion of western South America, centered on the Andean mountain ranges, including, besides Peru, large parts of modern Ecuador, western and south central Bolivia, northwest Argentina, north and central Chile, and southern Colombia into a state comparable to the historical empires of Eurasia.

The official language of the empire was Quechua, although hundreds of local languages and dialects of Quechua were spoken. The Inca referred to their empire as Tawantinsuyu which can be translated as The Four Regions or The Four United Provinces.

There… Continue reading

Reuse in your Everyday Shopping

When you go shopping at the mall or at your favorite outlet, you always seem to be carrying a lot more than you thought you would be carrying by the end of the day. With multiple store bags and to go bags it can be difficult to carry everything around during your trip. After your shopping and when you get home, what do you do with the bags? If you simply throw them away, you are committing a great disservice to your planet Earth. Shopping bags can be recycled and reused just as easily as any other bag you might own. Whether you need to carry around project supplies or random clothes and shoes these bags can be very helpful for those kinds of tasks.

The best thing about reusing store shopping bags is that stores usually put a lot of effort into making sure that their bags always look… Continue reading

Look after the Environment with Well Maintained Property

Keeping up with your building’s exterior maintenance will help you prevent serious damages and promote safety on your property. Call your local handyman service today!

If you think the condition of your building’s exterior is of minimal importance, think again. For a business, a shabby look could turn potential customers away and earn you a bad reputation. For a home, a poor appearance could upset neighbors and drive down your property value. In both cases, prolonged apathy toward maintenance could result in serious safety concerns or additional damages to your building or property, which will wind up costing you more heartache and money in the long run. Don’t let your home or business deteriorate! Contact your local handyman services provider to receive expert repairs, installation, and more!

A driveway is the first part of your property that your customers or guests will see. A pockmarked, potholed, and crumbling driveway is… Continue reading

Maintain a Lifestyle of Natural Products

Why Should We Use Natural Products?

Have you ever wondered how we managed before we had such a range of products to put on our bodies and use in our homes? Or how we existed before pre-packaged foods became so available?

Before man invented a barrage of synthetic products containing a vast array of dubious chemicals, we relied on nature to provide us with skin and hair care, clothing and cleaning products. It sounds old fashioned to say, ‘if it was good enough then, it’s good enough now’ but in this area of product use this maxim contains a lot of truth.

Natural plant based products, organically grown seeds and oils were made in to products rich in natural vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, for use on the skin and hair and also as cleaning products for the household. Nature has provided well for us and this natural and healing knowledge… Continue reading

Glass Efficiency – Replacing Older Windows

Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient With New Windows!
Your heating and cooling costs can come down quite a bit if you choose to replace your old windows. You may be feel as though that your current windows are not that inefficient, but they may still be a major cause of energy loss in your home.

You can save a lot of money spent on the installation, servicing and repairs of your furnace, boiler or air conditioner in your home. One way to do this is with the replacement windows Meridian Idaho offers–quality products through View Point Windows. What is another added advantage of getting new windows apart from energy efficiency? Well, they increase the value of your home and look a lot better too. You will see a huge difference with new windows as soon as you get your old ones (even if they still function) replaced.… Continue reading

Using Fewer Resources in your Senior Years

Staying Healthy During Your Senior Years
As a person moves into their senior years, their body changes in a number of ways. While this is a part of the human experience that all should embrace, it is important to know and recognize what is happening to better prepare for this change.

Bones: One of the first changes that many people notice when they move into their senior years is the development of osteoporosis. Of course not everyone gets osteoporosis, though a large part of the population will be affected by it in some way. This condition causes the bones to thin which increases the risk that a broken bone or fracture will occur as a result of a fall.

Great elderly care with will help you stay healthy in your senior years.

Skin: It is important to protect your skin in your younger years so it looks good as… Continue reading

Green Pets

Everyone seems to be environmentally conscious on some level, driving more fuel-efficient cars, using less water or recycling. People are doing their part by going green. So naturally this way of life should be also implemented into the way we care for our furry friends too – and there are some ways to get your dog walker involved too. There are many ways for us to make this world a greener place.

Adopt: The easiest way to be a “green” pet owner is to choose a “recycled” dog or cat.

Poop: When you clean up after your pet make sure to use biodegradable bags. Some owners will reuse plastic grocery bags. Recycling those bags is better than tossing them in the trash, but they can take decades, to decompose in the landfill. That is why we love biodegradable bags. And for kitty cats avoid clumping clay litter at all costs.… Continue reading

Green Energy Living is Now Affordable

What is Affordable Renewable Energy?
The cleanest and most economical type of affordable renewable energy is personal wind power. With today’s rising utility costs and decreasing supplies of fossil fuels, many people have the desire to become more energy independent. Personal wind power is the most economical renewable energy resource available today, and it is increasing in popularity. As more people turn to personal wind power, the cost of the equipment to produce this clean energy source has been decreasing.

On the market today there are many highly-efficient personal wind power systems at affordable prices. There are two types of wind generators available on the market. The prop style wind generators are designed for open settings and higher elevation. These wind generators are suitable for farmland and open fields. These are commonly labeled PSW generators, short for prop style wind generators. These are the propeller windmills you see as you… Continue reading

Getting Thermal Energy From the Sun To Work For You

The technology known as STE, or Solar Thermal Energy, makes use of solar energy from the sun to generate heat. Before one can do that, however, energy from the sun should be collected first, and that is where energy collectors come in.

When it comes to energy collectors, they are divided into three categories, depending on temperature: High, Medium and Low Temperature Collectors. All of these use the basic principle of converting the sun’s energy into heat (as opposed to electricity).

High Temperature Energy Collectors

High temperature collectors are mostly used for commercial purposes and thus makes use of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). CSP systems make use of mirrors or lenses to concentrate solar thermal energy onto a small area. When the concentrated solar energy has been converted into heat, it produces electrical power, thanks to the heated liquids that drive heat engines or steam turbines.

Medium Temperature Energy Collectors… Continue reading

How Green Home Renovations Can Add To The Value Of Your Property

Selling a house has never been as tough as it is today. Real estate analysts now suggest that today’s market is as troubling as what was experienced during the Great Depression. Experts suggest that this year’s sales will be down more than thirty per cent as compared to ten years ago. With house prices plummeting and the market stagnating, if you are looking to sell your home it is important to give it an edge over other properties.

You can almost instantly make your home a more desirable proposition through quick and energy efficient green renovations like window replacement and a new roof. These modifications can dramatically reduce energy bills, minimize water usage, improve the indoor air quality, and bring down the building’s overall carbon footprint. With issues such as climate change and global warming filling news bulletins, more people are interested in buying a green home.

With the market… Continue reading

Should You Use Re-Usable Cloths Instead of Paper Towels?

These days society is all about doing what we can for our environment. Even the little things can add up over time and it’s good to be aware of easy changes we can make in our lives in order to reduce the size of our carbon footprints.

One of the things that people consider is switching over to using re-usable cloths for their everyday household cleaning instead of using paper towels.

The argument presented is that it takes a lot of energy and chemicals to make them, and so even though they are biodegradable since they’re made of wood, they are worse on our environment purely because of how they are manufactured.

But when you really think about it, it also takes energy and dyes to make the fabric that the re-usable cleaning cloths (or even our clothes) are made of. Perhaps not as much, but also factor in that… Continue reading

Garden Mulch: Upgrade Your Garden In An Eco Friendly Way

When the sun rises and you find those pretty and colourful flowers blooming, get it more attractive by spreading the garden mulch. It is extremely beneficial for your garden and has become a natural way to keep it attractive as well as neat. If you are looking for an option to beautify your garden in an eco friendly way natural garden mulch is the perfect choice. It is not only eco friendly but also take much longer time to degrade. This option can bring a fresh look to your garden.

Some of the benefits of choosing the best garden natural mulch are:

It lasts longer as it is made from recycled wood which very slowly decomposes.
Prevents 70% of water being evaporated from the soil, as this process forms a bed over the soil.
Reduction in high rate of growth of weeds in your garden.
It also insulates plant roots… Continue reading

Eco Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

One of the easiest ways to adapt to a green lifestyle is by making simple eco-friendly adjustments at home. It does not actually have to be drastic, but a gradual change over time can make a huge difference. There are many different ways that you can do to make your home more environment friendly. Let me share to you some of them.

1. Go green by maintaining a herb garden. Gardening is a simple, fun and a great way to be one with nature. What’s good about herb gardening is that it doesn’t necessarily have to take up so much space and you don’t have to be an expert gardener to maintain it. Many herbs can be grown indoors so if you’re concerned about not having enough space outside then you don’t have to worry. Here’s a tip, line your kitchen windowsill with small cute pots and plant different herbs… Continue reading

Health and Safety Hazards at Home: Dangerous Chemical Cleaners

Finding better ways to clean green at home is quickly becoming the norm for those who clean at home. Consumers are becoming more aware of the dangerous toxic chemicals that are used to make some of the most popular cleaning products on the market. Some of these products like toilet bowl cleaners, drain cleaners and oven cleaners may contain the most toxic chemicals used in homes today. The U.S. Poison Control Centers state that nearly 10% of reported toxic exposures in the home are caused by commercially manufactured cleaning products. At some point, people need to realize that using these dangerous chemicals in their home will ultimately have an effect on the health and well-being of people, pets and other living things.

Poisons Found in Commercial Cleaning Products

When people head over to the local market to pick up some cleaning supplies, they may not be aware of the actual… Continue reading

Water Conservation Kits Making Saving Water Simple

With 90 percent of states throughout the US reporting water-stress conditions as of 2009, water conservation is becoming an increasingly important issue across the country. With this in mind, choose to use this precious resource more efficiently. Doing so has a number of benefits, from decreasing water and energy consumption to saving money on utility bills. Installing the items in water conservation kits sets you on the right track to preserving while reaping these benefits at the same time.

No More Wasting Faucet Water

Often more water is used at the bathroom and kitchen sink than necessary. The bathroom faucet and kitchen aerators included in kits install over these respective applications. Low flow faucet aerators allow only a certain amount to flow through the fixtures. Replacing the standard 2.2 gallons per minute (GPM) bathroom aerator with the 1.0 GPM model in a water conservation kit saves 55% more water at… Continue reading

Rain Barrel Irrigation – The Eco-Friendly Gardening

Do you have a green thumb? Is the garden in the front or the back of your house constantly on your mind? Well, if so there is one simple technique that you might want to consider. Rain barrel irrigation has been around for quite some time however as of late it has become the method of choice for serious green thumb eco-friendly gardeners who take their gardens serious. The beauty of setting up this kind of operation is that it takes very little technical knowledge to set up. Its also a phenomenal way of keeping your garden from getting rough and dry while your out of town.

There is nothing more maddening then trying to stay on top of watering your plants and having them not get enough water. It is a great cost-effective system that can be either made at home or purchased. This one time investment ends up… Continue reading

Sustainable Home Building or Renovating – Part 1

If you are planning to build a sustainable home or renovate an existing home now is the time to investigate sustainable building options as there are many “environmentally friendly or “green” products that can reduce the cost of power bills, water bills heating bills and more at View Point Windows.

In building or renovating a sustainable home be sure to investigate thoroughly the products you wish to use. In particular aim for products with low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Volatile organic compounds contain chemicals that can affect human health as they increase toxins in your environment. Unfortunately VOC’s are everywhere – from PVC’s, adhesives, building materials and the list goes on…. Always check the label, and always check with your supplier that your product has as low a level of VOCs as possible.

Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Choose bench tops that are made from recycled materials such as reconstituted concrete.… Continue reading

Sustainable Home Building or Home Renovation – Part 2

Part 1’s article discussed the use of low VOC products in your sustainable home build or home renovation project. This week we look at other eco-friendly options to choose from.

Solar Energy:

If at all possible look at installing solar power and a solar hot water system in your home. As more people convert to solar energy the price is steadily coming down.

It is essential however, to ensure you have a cut off switch in the meter box so that if the main supply electricity grid goes down your solar power system does not continue to feed live power into the grid as this may pose a safety risk to power line workers.

If your budget permits, you may also like to consider installing a backup bank of batteries within your home so that when the grid does go down your systems switches across to your battery supply. This… Continue reading